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Hunger Action Month: What Foods You Can Donate (and Which Ones to Avoid)

Hunger Action Month: What Foods You Can Donate (and Which Ones to Avoid)


Nunbelievable is proud to support our impact partners in the fight against hunger year round, but we’re particularly pleased to be helping promote their work during Hunger Action Month. This September, hunger-relief organizations, food pantries, soup kitchens, and other groups are shining a light on the dire food-insecurity crisis in America. 

There may be as many as42 million Americans struggling to put food on the table this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Food insecurity has been an ongoing problem in the United States, but the coronavirus has amplified the issue, forcing many people who have never faced these challenges before to now wonder how they are going to feed their families.

What Foods You Can Donate

One of the key ways you can help support those dealing with food insecurity and hunger is by making donations. Obviously cash is extremely helpful to hunger-relief organizations, but you can also donate food directly. Many food pantries will accept non-perishable dry and canned food donations. The more nutritious the better!

According to Feeding America, a Nunbelievable impact partner and the largest hunger-relief organization in the country,the ideal food donations are: canned soup, fruit, vegetables, beans, stew, or fish; peanut butter; pasta (preferably whole grain); and rice (preferably brown rice). You can also donatenon-food personal care items, like laundry supplies, diapers, and feminine hygiene products. And you can alsoorganize your own food drive to make a bigger impact.

TheNorth Texas Food Bank, another one of our impact partners, is hosting its annual Peanut Butter Drive this September. Because peanut butter (and other nut butters) are nutritious, shelf-stable, and kid friendly, they are an ideal item for food pantries to stock and distribute. Their goal this year is to collect 300,000 pounds worth (in regular-sized plastic jars), and you can participate in or organize both physical and virtual drives. Find more information atntfb.org.




What to Avoid

It's also important to keep in mind whatnot to donate. Foods that need refrigeration and can spoil easily (like meats, dairy, and fresh produce) may go to waste before they can make it to those in need. These are essential items (andvery much in demand), but food pantries will work with restaurants, commercial food suppliers, grocery stores, farmers, and other groups to provide these items safely and efficiently. (And, of course, your monetary gifts can help them supplement these donations.)


Also, though your intentions are surely good, you should avoid donating baked goods or leftovers (since food pantries can't verify how the food was prepared), expired food, or any food with packaging concerns, like items in damaged containers, or food that comes in glass jars or bottles.


Where to Donate

If you aren’t sure if there’s a food bank or food pantry in your community, Feeding America has an excellent database that is easily searchable atfeedingamerica.org.


If you are looking for a worthy organization to support, we encourage you to check out our impact partners, who are doing incredible work directly serving those in need. In addition to Feeding America and NTFB, Nunbelievable also supports the efforts ofCity Relief, theHouse of Mercy,World Vision, andJoshua’s Heart


And remember, for every package of Nunbelievable cookies you buy, we make a donation to one of these inspiring organizations. You can read more about our missionhere and order our delicious, handcrafted cookies atnunbelievable.com or throughAmazon.


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