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Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Pioneers and Heroes Who Inspire Us

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Pioneers and Heroes Who Inspire Us

March is Women’s History Month, and while we think women deserve the spotlight year-round, we are glad we have this time to celebrate the incredible contributions of women. From politics to science, art to sports, women have made their mark in countless ways, breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations.


In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8), here are five incredible individuals who have inspired us.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg — aka Notorious RBG, the late Supreme Court Justice was a fierce advocate for gender equality, fighting tirelessly for women's rights throughout her career. Her work helped pave the way for women to pursue careers in law and politics.


Ada Lovelace — often referred to as the world's first computer programmer, the British mathematician and writer worked alongside Charles Babbage in the 1800s. Her notes on Babbage's analytical engine laid the groundwork for modern computer programming.


Wangari Maathai- A Kenyan environmental and political activist, Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement, an organization that has planted over 50 million trees in Kenya to combat deforestation. In 2004, Maathai (who died in 2011 at age 71)  was the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, for her work on sustainable development, democracy, and peace.


Mother Teresa — Born in what is now Macedonia as Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu, Mother Theresa devoted her life to helping the poor, the sick, and the dying. She founded the Missionaries of Charity, a religious order that today serves the destitute over 130 countries. Her selfless work earned her the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.


Serena Williams — One of the greatest athletes of all time in any sport, the tennis champion has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles, 14 Grand Slam doubles titles and four Olympic gold medals. Williams has continually used her platform to advocate for women's rights and racial justice.


We at Nunbelievable are proud to honor their achievements, and commit to continuing their legacy by uplifting and empowering women everywhere. To learn more about International Women’s Day, click here.

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