For every box of cookies purchased, we donate meals to fight hunger.

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Corporate Gifts For Clients: Is There Proper Etiquette To Follow?

Corporate Gifts For Clients: Is There Proper Etiquette To Follow?

Want to Keep Customers Coming Back? Show Them You Appreciate Them!

One of the most important aspects of retaining customers for your company in the long-term is expressing your appreciation for loyalty. When a client sticks with your company, it’s always a great idea to show your appreciation for them with a thoughtful, meaningful gift. 

Through giving a gift to a loyal customer, you’re strengthening the bond between them and your company. With a strong bond, you can keep customers coming back and sticking with you instead of going with your competition.

Consumers care about the impact that their favorite companies have on the world at large. By giving meaningful gifts that make a positive impact, you can make a lasting impression on your customers and let them know what you care about. 

That’s why Nunbelievable cookies make the perfectcorporate gifts -- they’re simple, meaningful, delicious, and mission-based. There’s nothing better to give to a customer to show your appreciation for them than something sweet, simple, and meaningful.

So, what makes Nunbelievable cookies special, and why should you consider giving them to your customers or clients as a sign of your appreciation? 

Nunbelievable is Fighting Hunger One Cookie At A Time.

At Nunbelievable, our ultimate goal is far beyond just baking delicious cookies. We’re fighting to end hunger one cookie at a time. 

Every cookie bought from us translates toone meal donated to feed the hungry in the United States. And withover 40 million Americans struggling with hunger on a daily basis, we need all the help we can get.

By choosing to give Nunbelievable cookies to your customers, you’re directly having a positive impact on your neighbors in need, and spreading the news of what Nunbelievable is up to to each of your customers. 

That’s a big deal to us – we want everyone to be involved in fighting hunger and making the world a better place, and getting involved can be as simple as enjoying Nunbelievable cookies for dessert!

Supporting Nunbelievable in our fight against hunger in the U.S. can send an important message to your customers. It lets them know that you care deeply aboutsharing kindness with those who need it most. 

Customers are paying attention to the impact that your company is having on the world, and 97% of consumers are willing to switch their allegiance to a company that is putting in effort to make a difference. 

What you do with your platform as a company to have a positive impact on the world can be what sets you apart from your competition in your industry. Potential customers are looking to support companies that have heart, companies that are willing to use their influence to care for the needy and disadvantaged. 

By joining up with Nunbelievable in the fight against hunger, you’re sending a meaningful message to your customer base about what matters most to you.

What Are the Rules of Corporate Gifting?

When it comes to givingcorporate gifts to your clients, there are some important considerations to make when you are aiming to make the best possible impression. 

When you choose to give Nunbelievable cookies to your clients as a sign of your appreciation for their loyalty, there are some key steps you can take to maximize the impact of your gift.


Rule Number One: Add a Personalized Note

When you give a gift to a client, some meaningful, personal words can go a long way. Something as simple as a small note that includes a personalized message can make a gift much more impactful. 

By writing a personalized note to attach to each of your gifts, you’re letting each customer know that they matter to you individually and are more than just a number on a list.

So, what do you write in a personalized note for a customer? First and foremost, make sure to include your customer’s name. Rather than just addressing each customer impersonally, calling them by their names gives the impression that you see them as individuals who play a key part in keeping your company thriving. 

You can start a personalized note to a customer with a kind greeting that addresses them by name, then add a few thoughtful sentences that show your appreciation for them.

What do you put in the body of your note to a customer? It doesn’t have to be much – a few short, sweet sentences go a long way. Let each customer know how much you appreciate their consistent support, thanking them for sticking with you and your company and believing in your vision and mission.

In addition, you can use your personalized note to let each customer know that the Nunbelievable cookies that they are receiving are having a positive impact. You can use your notes to thank your customers for their support and to let them know that you are paying it forward by supporting Nunbelievable in our fight against hunger. 

Rule Number Two: Something For Everyone

When giving gifts to customers, it’s always important to remember to cater to the needs of all of your customers, doing your best to give a gift that can please everyone. 

Nunbelievable cookies make perfect corporate gifts because of how universal dessert is – something sweet, simple and delicious is something almost no one can turn it down. 

However, it’s always smart to remember that not everyone loves the same type of cookie. That’s why we offer assorted cookies as corporate gifts – that way, everyone can choose a favorite cookie to enjoy!

By giving assorted cookies to your customers, you’re accounting for the fact that each customer may have different preferences when it comes to their favorite treats. 

When you are giving a large number of corporate gifts, a cookie assortment is the perfect way to go. You’ll end up with four classic cookie options that are sure to be a hit with your customers – chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and gluten-free double chocolate!

We wanted to make sure to include a gluten-free cookie flavor in our corporate gifting boxes because we don’t want anyone to get left out and not be able to enjoy delicious cookies. 

Gluten intolerances and allergies are extremely common, and many people choose to avoid gluten based on personal preferences as well. Including delicious gluten-free cookies in your cookie gift boxes is a great way to accommodate and appreciate customers who have dietary restrictions.

Rule Number Three: Show Appreciation For Your Employees, Too!

Sharing love and kindness in the form of Nunbelievable cookies doesn’t have to stop with your customers! One of the best ways to keep your business thriving is togive meaningful gifts to your team to show your appreciation for them. And there’s no better gift to share with your employees than Nunbelievable’s heavenly cookies!

A 2013 Deloitte Core Beliefs and Culture Survey showed that 68% of surveyed employees believed that the companies they worked for were not doing enough to cultivate a meaningful, positive culture in the workplace. 

One of the best ways to create a culture in your company that will encourage your employees and make them feel valued is to give them meaningful, personal gifts. 

Nunbelievable’s cookies can be the perfect gift for your team. Sharing cookies with your employees may seem like a simple gesture, but a little bit of kindness goes a long way. When you go the extra mile to show your appreciation for your team with a meaningful gift, you’re setting your company up to be a happier, healthier place to work.

A Meaningful Mission And Cookies That Are Second to Nun 

When you share Nunbelievable cookies with your customers and employees, you’re doing something real and practical to make the world a better place. Nunbelievable cookies can have a big impact on your company, too – by sharing small, simple acts of kindness with your team and your customers, you’re creating a culture of generosity.

So, when the time comes to share some love and kindness with your customers, look no further than Nunbelievable for the perfect gift! 

We’ve got a cookie for everyone, with our four classic flavors that are all made with excellent ingredients. Your customers and employees alike are bound to get a little boost of joy from enjoying one of these sweet treats, and they’re an even more meaningful gift because of their incredible mission.

Nunbelievable corporate gift boxes are available in a wide range of quantities. Starting at a minimum of 25 boxes of 12 cookies each, you can spread joy and kindness to your team and customers with some heavenly treats that make a big impact on the world. 

There’s no better way to make a difference in your company and in the world around you than through sharing love. At the end of the day, that’s what makes a company stand out in a crowd – the heart behind the business.