For every box of cookies purchased, we donate meals to fight hunger.

Meals Donated

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Corporate Gift Boxes: Cookie Gift Boxes For Companies

Corporate Gift Boxes: Cookie Gift Boxes For Companies

One of the most valuable things that any business owner can do is to take some extra time and effort and show their appreciation for their team and their loyal customers. 

For the head of any company or business, building a lasting bond with your team and customer base is a big deal. That bond can last for years, building up team spirit and keeping customers coming back thanks to the connection they have with you and your company.

Your company wouldn’t be where it is without the hard work of your employees and the consistent support of your customers! No one can run a business 100% on their own, and expressing gratitude and appreciation for the people who have helped you get to where you are goes a long way. 

Sometimes, even a small, simple gesture can make a huge difference in how your employees and customers feel about you and your company.

So, what can you give to customers and employees that is simple and impactful?

Why Give the Gift of Nunbelievable Cookies?

An overwhelming majority of surveyed consumers have indicated that they would strongly prefer to support a company that is making an effort to make the world a better place. 

Consumers notice the positive impact that a business has on the world, and one of the best ways to let your customer base know that you care about them – and about the world at large – is by giving gifts that have a real, lasting positive impact. That’s why Nunbelievable cookies make the perfect corporate gifts!

Our mission at Nunbelievable is to use our incredible cookies to change the world. How? By fighting to end hunger – one cookie at a time! 

Each cookie bought from Nunbelievable equals one meal donated to feed the hungry in the United States. 

Millions (over 40 million, to be exact) of hungry Americans are in desperate need of help and support, and we want you to join our effort to care for those who need it most!

So, how can you get involved in Nunbelievable’s mission? It’s simple – give the gift of cookies! 

When you choose Nunbelievable as your source of delicious corporate gifts, each cookie you give will mean a meal is donated to feed a hungry neighbor right here in the U.S. 

How Meaningful Gifts Can Change Your Company

When you give the gift of Nunbelievable cookies to your staff and customers, you have a unique opportunity to shift the culture at your company.Generosity begets generosity, and a little bit of kindness can get the ball rolling and turn into a movement of spreading joy and love within your company! 

Every employee at a company is seeking meaningful work that will give them a sense of purpose. When you show your appreciation for your team members by giving them a simple, meaningful gift, you’re reminding them that their work matters. 

When you give gifts to your employees, it tells them that you notice the effort they’re making for your company, and this little bit of encouragement can go a long way.

When your team feels seen and appreciated for the work that they do, they’ll end up working harder and happier in the long run. The best way to create a culture of positivity and purposeful work at your company is by intentionally caring for your team and your customers.

Going the extra mile to share delicious cookies with your team and the customers who support your business -- you’ll never know how big of an impact you may be making. By introducingthe Nunbelievable mission to your customer base and your team, you’re spreading the message that loving your neighbor matters. 

At Nunbelievable, we believe that if everyone starts taking steps to be kind to each other and to help those in need, the world really will change. You can be part of that change by getting your company involved in the fight to end hunger!

What Makes Nunbelievable Cookies Special?

Nunbelievable cookies have a mission that is second to nun, but there’s even more to love. 

For starters, these cookies are made with the finest ingredients. We use simple, wholesome recipes that make each batch worthy of sharing with your team and your customers. 

In an age when dessert is often something that provokes guilt for many, our cookies are delicious treats that can be enjoyed without any shame thanks to their use of excellent ingredients that you can feel great about enjoying!

Our cookies are big, too. Each one clocks in at three ounces, making it big enough to share or break up into a few installments and enjoy on your own. 

You’ll never open up a package of Nunbelievable cookies and feel short-changed! Instead, you’ll marvel at the incredible beauty of each big, majestic cookie. These delicious treats are truly miracles straight from heaven.

In addition, Nunbelievable cookies come in four classic flavors, each of them incredibly yummy and bound to please even the pickiest eaters:

  • Our Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies are bound to leave anyone rejoicing. This innovative take on one of the most timeless cookie flavors ever will satisfy the purists and the foodies alike. It’s a perfect mix of soft and crunchy, with just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your cravings, but not too much!

  • Our Oatmeal Raisin Cookies taste like a combination of going to grandma’s house in the middle of winter and being wrapped in a warm blanket with puppies all over it. These wholesome, chewy and crunchy cookies are little drops of warm goodness. We bake each one with extra love so that they taste like a sweet little trip down memory lane.

  • Our Classic Peanut Butter Cookies are in a league of their own, with a truly unique flavor that can only be described as “peanut paradise.” For anyone who loves a little bit of a nutty taste to their sweets, our take on the timeless peanut butter cookie is a dessert that is second to nun.

  • Our Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Cookies, made with rice flour to make them certified safe for anyone with a gluten intolerance, are absolutely decadent. These cookies aren’t just for the gluten-free folks – they’re yummy enough for anyone to want to get a taste! We’re here to shatter the myth that gluten-free treats are inferior to their wheat-based counterparts. If you’re gluten-intolerant and have been left disappointed by wheat-free desserts, your trials are about to come to an end – this is the heavenly treat you’ve been waiting for!

    Keeping Things Personal

    When you givecorporate gifts through Nunbelievable, we’re here to help you make each box of cookies as meaningful and personal as possible. 

    With every box you give, you can include a personalized note so that you can recognize and honor each recipient. 

    Adding a personal touch to yourcorporate gifts is always a great move. A little bit of intentionality goes a long way, and your customers and team members will remember that you went the extra mile to recognize them by name. 

    Even if all you do is address the recipient of a gift by name and thank them for their contribution to your business, it’s a gesture that can really mean a lot.

    Every Cookie Counts! 

    When you choose Nunbelievable as your source of corporate gifts, every cookie you give has the power to change a life. 

    For the millions of men, women, and children suffering from hunger on a daily basis, a meal can truly be a lifesaver.

    Every cookie you buy from Nunbelievable equals a meal to fill a hungry belly. That means your gifts are making a major impact for your company and for the world!

    Nunbelievable corporate gifting boxes can be ordered in any quantity starting at 25 boxes of 12 cookies each. You can choose between the four signature flavors – oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, peanut butter, and gluten-free double chocolate – or, you can get an assorted box that includes three of each flavor! 

    With Nunbelievable, every cookie you get is big, delicious, and made with the highest quality ingredients. They’re a gift you can feel great about giving, and their impact reaches far beyond their recipients. 

    When you give the gift of Nunbelievable cookies, you’re joining us in the fight to end hunger. That’s a big to us, and it’s a big deal for the millions who are going to bed hungry every night. 

    Hunger is a tragedy that we want to do everything we can to stop, and choosing to give the gifts of Nunbelievable cookies makes a real difference in the fight.