For every box of cookies purchased, we donate meals to fight hunger.

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How to Pick the Perfect Business Gifts

How to Pick the Perfect Business Gifts

Spreading kindness at the office is about to get a lot easier.

When the holidays roll around, it is always a good time to share some extra love and kindness with the people in your life. If you work with others, your coworkers might be a big set of people that you could focus some of your holiday generosity towards. The people you work with might not be your closest friends, but your teammates at your job are important nevertheless.Letting them know that you care about and appreciate them this holiday season can make a big difference in your coworkers’ lives, and can build up your relationships with them.

You might be wondering where in the world to start when it comes to giving a gift to an entire group of people at once. Is it possible to give a gift that all of your coworkers will love and appreciate? But consider this, and prepare yourself for an epiphany – who doesn’t love cookies? 

Delicious cookies are a perfect way to make a small, meaningful gesture that lets each of your coworkers know that they are valuable and that you notice the work they do.

A sweet treat during a long workday can make the day so much better.

Sometimes, the workday just feels long. Everyone needs a pick-me-up from time to time for a little extra boost of joy to get through some challenging tasks at the office. In addition, for many, the office has become the living room thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and the work-from-home revolution. Working remotely can take a toll on your motivation and paves the way for plenty of distractions to sneak in. 

Whether you are at home or at the office this winter, cookies are a wonderful gift to share with your coworkers, even from afar. At Nunbelievable, we’re on a mission to spread as much kindness as possible through baking delicious cookies, and we truly believe that a sweet treat can do a whole world of good. If you and your coworkers have been struggling to stay connected with each other and focused on work during this challenging year, even a small gesture like sharing some cookies with everyone can go a long, long way.

What kind of cookies should you get?

Here comes the trickiest question of them all: what kind of cookie can please everyone? You might be thinking of the classic chocolate chip, and understandably so. The famous chocolate chip cookie has long been loved by many for its simply perfect combination of sweet, chocolatey goodness with crisp and chewy dough. 

Nunbelievable’s chocolate chip cookies are straight from Heaven, packed with sweet, delicious chips and made with a perfectly-baked dough. Not too crunchy, not too soft, but just right, these cookies are remarkably tasty and refreshingly simple. You won’t see any long, long lists of artificial ingredients on any of our labels – these chocolate chip cookies are made with ingredients that you can recognize, pronounce and feel good about eating!

Praisin’ Oatmeal Raisin

We’re big fans of the chocolate chip cookie around here, too, but we also have witnessed firsthand the greatness of some other types of cookies that are well worth your attention.

Let’s take a moment to give some well-deserved honor and praise to the incredibly delicious oatmeal raisin cookie. Another classic treat that has been loved by many for over a century, we knew we needed to include the oatmeal raisin cookie in our lineup. We also knew we had big shoes to fill when we decided to create the perfect rendition of this timeless dessert.

Collaborating with our skilled team of baking nuns, we created a cookie that is elevated to greatness by one humble secret: good raisins. These oatmeal raisin cookies are made with non-gmo raisins that have a distinct, unique sweetness to them. 

With that natural sweetness, we were able to forgo filling the cookies with large quantities of added sugar. That meant that these oatmeal raisin cookies quickly became something truly special: a dessert that you can enjoy and satisfy your sweet tooth with that won’t fill you with guilt!

Let’s Not Forget About Peanut Butter!

When talking about great cookies, it would be a sin to not bring up peanut butter!Nunbelievable's peanut butter cookies are truly gifts from peanut paradise. These cookies are made with peanut butter chips, making them our unique spin on the classic peanut butter cookie formula. Sitting somewhere between the texture of a perfect sugar cookie and the consistency of a 10/10 chocolate chip cookie, these peanut buttery treats are truly something else.

Remember to grab something for your gluten-intolerant coworkers!

When the holidays roll around, those of us who are intolerant to gluten can have a much harder time enjoying all the particularly delicious festivities. Holiday desserts abound that are made with wheat, and only a few can be found without.At a typical Christmas party, someone with a gluten intolerance may be entirely without dessert. This should not be!

Sharing cookies with your coworkers means that everyone needs to be able to join in, including the gluten-intolerant folks. Because we know the struggle to find delicious gluten-free cookies is real, we decided to make one of our best cookies completely gluten-free!

Our double chocolate cookies are made with rice flour, making them ok to eat for the gluten-intolerant (and for everyone else!). Don’t let “gluten-free” lead you to believe that these cookies offer subpar flavor and texture – the reality is the opposite! These double chocolate delights taste like they descended from heaven on a cloud, and they’re made with high-quality ingredients and just a bit of added sugar. Praise be!

Nunbelievable makes it easy to spread joy at work and to build your relationships with your coworkers.

When you want to give a meaningful gift to each of your coworkers, Nunbelievable has you covered. We can get you set up with an assorted box of cookies that is primed and ready to share at the office or distribute to your coworkers working from home. Grabbing a cookie assortment to share is the perfect way to get a little bit of everything, including something for your gluten-free coworkers!

In addition to baking delicious cookies, what Nunbelievable is really all about is fighting hunger and spreading kindness to those who need it most. For each cookie that you purchase from Nunbelievable, we donate a meal to someone in need. The cookies may be incredibly delicious, but they’re the second most important part of our mission. What we care about most is ending hunger for the 40 million plus Americans who are struggling with it.


One of the best ways to team up with Nunbelievable on our mission to fight hunger is by sharing cookies with others! By giving a delicious dessert to someone that you care about (and having one yourself, too), you are having a direct impact on the fight against hunger in the United States. You can contribute even more by sharing Nunbelievable’s mission with your friends and family as you share our delicious cookies with them.

Hunger is a major crisis in the United States, and in the world at large. It is well past time to stand idly by and wait for the problem to fix itself – we all need to contribute to the fight to end hunger! One of the simplest and most practical ways to help others this holiday season is to make Nunbelievable cookies your dessert of choice, for yourself and to share. In doing so, you are making it possible for others who are struggling with hunger to be fed. That’s a big, big deal.

You may have heard it before, but it bears repeating. Being kind and generous towards others is really doing yourself a favor!Spreading kindness and sharing what you have with others boosts your own personal well-being and happiness and can make a big difference in the lives of the people around you. By joining in Nunbelievable’s mission to fight hunger, you are making a decision that is a blessing not only to others, but to yourself. 

So, whether it be with your coworkers, friends, family or neighbors, go the extra mile to share some joy, kindness and cookies this holiday season.

2020 has been a challenging year for many, and everyone needs a little extra love, encouragement and support. Whether you are sharing delicious cookies from afar or in the comfort of your own home with your family, Nunbelievable has you covered. 

Our cookies are more than just delicious – they’re deliciousandon a mission. Join up with us in our fight to end hunger by sharing our incredible cookies with others this year, at home, the office and beyond!