For every box of cookies purchased, we donate meals to fight hunger.

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Cookie Subscription: How Does It Work?

Cookie Subscription: How Does It Work?

Nunbelievable’s Unbelievable Mission To Feed the Hungry

Nunbelievable is on a mission to do some major good, one delicious cookie by one. What is Nunbelievable, you might be asking? Let us tell you.

Nunbelievable is a mission-based cookie company that specializes in big, tasty cookies and has lots and lots of heart. Our name was inspired by the many nuns who have dedicated their lives to caring for the homeless, sick, and hungry, sacrificing comfort and convenience for the disadvantaged and hurting. 

We wanted to devote our lives to the same cause, and we saw a unique opportunity in the form of baking delicious treats to get others on board!

Over 40 million Americans suffer from hunger each day in the United States alone. One American child out of six doesn’t have a guaranteed next meal. 

Hunger continues to pose a major threat to men, women, and children around the U.S., causing fear, anxiety, and pain for millions of kids and parents alike. Hunger can be a real threat, leading to starvation after too long, and sickness and suffering long before that. 

Hunger is all too real, and it’s just as real in the first world as in the third. It’s a heartbreaking reality, one that is often all too easy to ignore while living a comfortable life. But we at Nunbelievable challenge you not to sit idly by. 

Millions of hungry men, women, and children need your help, and now is the time to get involved and join the fight to end hunger!

How You Can Join the Fight to End Hunger by Eating Cookies

So, how is Nunbelievable working to end hunger, and how can you contribute?

We’re committed to donating one meal to feed the hungry for every cookie we sell. That means that you can actively join the fight to end hunger by eating dessert. You read that right! Nunbelievable’s mission to end hunger needs you as a part of it, and one big way to join the fight is to choose our cookies as your daily dessert! 

Why eat Nunbelievable cookies? For one, these cookies have a positive impact that is second to nun. When you want to maximize your positive impact on the planet, you’ll be amazed by how every little aspect of your life can be filled with kindness, gratitude, love and generosity – it just takes a little bit of intention and thought!

By deliberately making your daily dessert – something that many others cannot enjoy due to hunger and poverty – an act of generosity, you can change lives and make an impact that can echo throughout history!

Every little act of kindness matters. That’s whywe are passionate about fighting hunger – we truly believe that every meal not only has the power to save a life, but to change many lives, too. We want to get as many people as possible involved in the fight to end hunger because we firmly believe that loving our neighbors and each other is what matters most in life, and is why we are all here.

Your monthly cookie fix is shipped straight to your door!

Did you know Nunbelievable has a subscription program? It’s true!You can get incredible cookies delivered straight to your door, and each cookie equals one meal donated to feed the hungry. That may sound too good to be true (Nunbelievable, if you will), but we assure you, it is for real!

Nunbelievable’s cookie subscription is available in three levels: Samaritan, Saint, and Angel. Wondering about the differences between these subscription options? Below is a quick, simple description of each.

Level 1: The Samaritan

First off, we have the Samaritan subscription. This box gives you 3 months of 12 cookies per month, translating to 36 meals donated. This subscription level is currently on sale for just $84.99!

This cookie subscription’s name comes from the parable of “The Good Samaritan” told by Jesus in the gospel of Luke. In this parable, Jesus describes a Jewish man who was beaten, robbed, and left helpless by the side of the road. Several of his fellow Jewish folks passed him by and ignored him. Finally, a Samaritan, from a group of people who had long-standing mutual animosity with the Jewish people, came his way. The good Samaritan helped the man, even though the Samaritans and Jewish never associated. By helping the hurting man, the Samaritan broke down cultural barriers. Jesus told this story to illustrate the importance of not let any prejudices or judgements get in the way of loving others, with the term “a good samaritan” today referring to someone who does something out of the kindness of their heart for a stranger with no expectations of being paid back. 

Level 2: The Saint

The next level of cookie subscription is the Saint box, giving you 12 monthly cookies for six months. With this subscription, you are donating 72 meals to feed hungry men, women and children around the country! This subscription is also on sale, and is currently only $169.99.

This subscription box’s name is inspired by the saints of the Catholic faith. The saints were kind, generous, self-sacrificing individuals who devoted their lives to love for God and their neighbors. We see caring for the poor, hungry and disadvantaged as a truly saintly act. 

By doing something as simple as enjoying our cookies for dessert, you are doing your part to join in the fight to end hunger, and that makes you a saint in our book! We might not have the power to truly turn you into a holy figure, but with this saintly cookie subscription, you can tell your family and friends in earnest that your favorite cookie company said you were a saint!

Level 3: The Angel

The highest level of Nunbelievable’s cookie subscription boxes is the Angel. This subscription gives you a full year of 12 cookies per month. That translates to144 meals donated to feed the hungry!

You can see why this subscription is truly angelic. Committing $339.99 for a year to feeding the hungry gets you 144 delicious cookies, and can feed 144 hungry people! That’s all for a cost that might very well be less than your family’s monthly grocery budget. 

When you can have dessert in a way that blesses others, why do it any other way? Whatever level of subscription you choose from Nunbelievable, you can make a major impact in the lives of people in need. Plus, you get to enjoy delicious cookies and share them with the people you love! That’s a dessert that’s second to nun!

Customizing Your Box

When you subscribe to get a monthly cookie box, you have plenty of freedom to choose which cookies miraculously end up at your door each month. That means you have your pick from Nunbelievable’s four incredible cookie flavors, or you can choose to order an assortment of all 4! 

We bake incredibly delicious cookies day in and day out, and we think we’ve got our recipes down to a science. Nunbelievable offers classic chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin and gluten-free double chocolate chip cookies, all of which are well to die for – they’ll send you straight to cookie heaven!

Why Nunbelievable?

With Nunbelievable cookies as your dessert of choice, your life and the lives of others about to get a whole lot sweeter. Plus, you get to enjoy a steady stream of heartwarmingly cheesy nun puns every month (sorry, we’re not sorry -- our puns are part of our delicious recipe of goodness). 

In addition, we’re all about spreading as much joy, positivity, kindness and generosity as possible, and we firmly believe these cookies can make the world a more joyful, positive, kind and generous place. That’s our mission, both as bakers and as people. We believe that little acts of kindness go a long, long way. Filling a hungry belly by enjoying a delicious cookie is a perfect example of this truth.

With 40 million hungry Americans to feed, it’s impossible to deny the desperate need for allies in the fight against hunger. Take the opportunity to make your dessert an act of giving by subscribing to a monthly cookie box! You know that milk (or non-dairy alternative – we see you, oat milk lovers), is lonely in your fridge, and needs a cookie dipped in it! 

You might also be wondering why it is worthwhile to choose the monthly cookie subscription over a one-time purchase. Here’s why: subscribing gives you the opportunity to make aconsistentimpact while enjoying some incredibly delicious cookies. When you commit to 12 boxes of cookies for a year, you’re providing 144 meals to hungry men, women and children around the U.S.! That’s an investment worth making!

So, what are you waiting for? If there was ever a perfect way to do dessert, it’s nun other than with some delicious cookies from Nunbelievable! 

You may not be an official saint, but with these cookies as your dessert of choice, you’re bound to feel a little extra holiness coming into your life. Plenty of extra joy, too – both for you and your family and friends, and for those in need as well.


Nunbelievable Inc.

Nunbelievable Inc.