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How Nunbelievable’s Impact Partners Have Fought Hunger and Helped Those in Need During a Devastating Pandemic

How Nunbelievable’s Impact Partners Have Fought Hunger and Helped Those in Need During a Devastating Pandemic

Nunbelievable was created with a mission to solve the hunger crisis one delicious cookie at a time. We have pledged to make a donation to one of our impact partners for every purchase you make. And those impact partners have been challenged like never before during the pandemic.

Hunger and food insecurity were already a major issue — affecting nearly 14 million U.S. households — before the emergence of Covid-19 amplified the problem. When so many food banks, food pantries, and relief services were forced to temporarily shut down during the height of the crisis, these organizations found a way to step up. Even as the pandemic gradually slows down, their work continues to be an essential lifeline to people in need, so we wanted to put a spotlight on the inspiring work of these groups.

Feeding America

The largest hunger-resource organization in the country, Feeding America utilizes a network of 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries and meal programs to support people nationwide. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they have seen the need for their services multiply.

Between April 2020 and December 2021 alone, Feeding America provided more than 10.8 billion meals — a staggering 38% increase compared to the same reporting period pre-pandemic. (In 2021 alone, they distributed 6.6 million meals!) Thanks to an ambitious fundraising program, they were able to raise $347 million for its Covid-19 Response Fund (distributing 100% of these funds to food banks) and invest nearly $1 billion to fight food insecurity over the past two years.

Among the ways Feeding America and its partners were forced to innovate were the creation of drive-through food distribution centers and at-home delivery for those most vulnerable. Increased attention was paid to communities of color — including Black, Latino, and Native American populations — who are disproportionately affected by hunger.

City Relief

One of the reasons we love working withCity Relief is because they never forgetthe humanity of the people they serve. This tireless community organization provides health and hygiene supplies and support (including one-on-one counseling) with compassion to those struggling with homelessness and hunger. 

During the pandemic City Relief has responded to a growing number of people in need. In 2021 alone, they served 51,487 guests struggling with poverty and homelessness through eight weekly outreaches in New York City and New Jersey. That breaks down to over 46,000 meals, over 84,000 Bombas socks and over 18,000 hygiene kits. 

In addition, their team of trained staff and volunteers provided over 4,100 Life Care Visits (one-on-one meetings with an outreach guest to foster hope and create connections to resources through individualized action plans).

World Vision

The indefatigable folks atWorld Vision have continued to address the increased needs of those facing hardship during the pandemic. An international faith-based humanitarian organization that fights poverty and injustice, especially among children and other vulnerable populations (including people with disabilities and those in refugee and other crisis situations), they served 8.4 million Americans with family emergency kids and fresh food boxes in 2021 alone.

Covid-19 has been, of course,a dominant concern, but World Vision also continues to assist those in need due to other emergencies and disasters as well as the humanitarian crisis at the U.S.–Mexico border. Last year they provided more than $500,000 worth of food and supplies on both sides of the border. 

World Vision has seven fully staffed warehouses around the U.S., which support efforts throughout the country. In areas that are beyond the reach of those facilities, the organization works with church partners to distribute food and supplies. Corporate donors and a network of 2,300 non-profit partner organizations are essential to their ability to expand their reach.

Do Something Nunbelievable!

We encourage you to learn more about the work these groups do. And remember: Every time you buy Nunbelievable cookies, you are helping expand their impact. Shop our many wholesome varietieshere.

For more information:

Feeding America: feedingamerica.org

City Relief: cityrelief.org

World Vision: worldvision.org

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