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From Homeless to Hired: The Inspiring Story of How City Relief Helped Transform a Life 

From Homeless to Hired: The Inspiring Story of How City Relief Helped Transform a Life 


There’s nothing we love to see more than a person get back on their feet after struggling with some of life’s most daunting challenges. Hunger and homelessness have devastating effects on one’s outlook, and sometimes it can feel like there is no positive path forward. That’s why Nunbelievable supports nonprofit organizations that work to not only to feed and support hungry and homeless people in their immediate needs, but also aim to help them transform their lives. 

An example of this can be seen in the inspiring work done by our impact partnerCity Relief, a meal program that Nunbelievable directly supports, where homeless individuals can get a warm meal, hygiene kits, socks, and other essentials. Just as important, this phenomenal community group builds a connection with their clients through life care visits, where they develop individualized action plans and specific referrals to resources to aid with emergency shelter, job programs, and detox or drug rehabilitation. (You can read more about the work they do with the homeless communityhere.)


One of their clients, Rayshon Mason, recently shared with us his story of transformation thanks to the compassion and connection he received from this incredible organization. “One of the things a lot of people don’t know about homelessness is that it can happen to anybody,” says Rayshon, who left his job in Syracuse, N.Y., early in 2019 and after struggling to find work wound up homeless when the coronavirus pandemic hit.  

City Relief helped Rayshon not only with his immediate needs, but guided him to resources that allowed him to get back on his feet. Now he’s living in Brooklyn, N.Y., and has found a new job as an IT consultant. “One of the things that attracted me to City Relief was the fact that [their] people are so positive,” he says. “Homelessness is a mindset and it’s difficult to get out of it by yourself. And you really need a team of people who care about you, who really want to see you do well.”

In addition to his new job, Rayshon continues to volunteer with City Relief (he was at their Harlem outreach location when we caught up with him), and he says the opportunity to serve others has helped him rebuild his life: “This is something I want to do because homelessness is not something you can get out of alone.” Find out about volunteer opportunities with City Reliefhere.

Nunbelievable is proud to have played a small part in helping Rayshon and others find hope during challenging times in their lives.Our mission is to end the hunger crisis, and that’s why for every cookie we sell we are donating a meal to one of our impact partners across the country.

You can learn more about City Relief at their website,cityrelief.org, and on social media viaTwitter,Facebook,Instagram, andYouTube.

Nunbelievable Inc.

Nunbelievable Inc.