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Nunbelievable from the beginning: The Road to Almost 2 million meals

Nunbelievable from the beginning: The Road to Almost 2 million meals


The Spark (2018)

The name "Nunbelievable" was inspired by the nuns and their devotion to feeding hungry people. We saw first hand how they were serving others, and we realized the great need: for some, missing one week's paycheck can mean going hungry or becoming homeless.

Design phase 

Our model is a simple 'give-back' model because we want you to know that your dollar makes an impact. It all starts with combating food insecurity by providing a meal to a person in need.

Nunbelievable begins: 2019

It's a community of amazing, caring people that never ceases to inspire us. We are here to help these organizations. We want to make sure our meal donations reach a wide range of unhoused and under-resourced communities.

Nunbelievable launched in 2019, taking its first steps on the road to 2 million meals and counting. Created by Bryan Janeczko and Kuda Biza two foodies and entrepreneurs who were committed to finding solutions to food insecurity.

1 Million Meal Donations in 2021

2 Million Meal Donations in 2023

& Beyond to 10 million meals in 2025

Join us on our Nunbelievable journey, and end hunger deliciously with us!