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We Celebrate Hunger Action Month

We Celebrate Hunger Action Month

Hunger is a pressing issue that affects millions of people worldwide, and September is dedicated to raising awareness and taking action to combat this problem. 

Food shouldn’t be an impossible choice. That’s the simple — but critical — message for Hunger Action Month. Feeding America and other hunger relief organizations are once again using September to promote our nation’s growing issues with food insecurity. 

Baking With a Purpose:

Nunbelievable has always been more than just a baked goods company. With our "buy one, give one" model, the company has committed to providing meals to those in need with every box of cookies sold. This September, we are taking their mission to new heights by aligning our efforts with Hunger Action Month.

Spreading Awareness:

Nunbelievable recognizes the power of awareness in tackling the issue of hunger. Throughout September, we will be leveraging our platform to educate their community about the realities of food insecurity and its impact on individuals and families. Through blog posts, social media updates, and interactive content, we aim to engage their audience in meaningful conversations surrounding hunger.

Customer Engagement:

Nunbelievable believes that everyone has a role to play in eradicating hunger. To encourage active participation, we are urging their customers to share their own stories, experiences, and ideas on how to combat hunger using #Nunbelievable #HungerActionMonth and #EndHungerNow hashtags on social media. By creating a virtual space for dialogue, we hope to inspire more people to get involved.

Orange Inspiration:

The color orange is the symbol of Hunger Action Month. Nunbelievable is embracing this hue as a symbol of optimism, energy, and action. From their website to our socials, an orange touch will remind everyone of the urgent need to address hunger and the potential for positive change.

 For every package of Nunbelievable cookies you buy, we make a donation to one of these inspiring organizations. Our goal is to donate 2 million meals by the end of 2023. You can read more about our missionhere.

 Join Nunbelievable this September to celebrate the spirit of giving, the power of community, and the hope for a hunger-free future. Shop Now!