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4 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Are Second to Nun

4 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Are Second to Nun

Running out of time to get those last few gifts? We’re here to help!

The holidays are one of the best times of year. The music, the food, the gifts and the rest of the yuletide festivities make the Christmas time a season like no other. You might say there is nun quite like it!

But of course, life can get a bit hectic around the holidays. There’s work, school, and other commitments still going strong, all while the festivities start in full swing. Free time is often scarce and precious the closer you get to Christmas, especially if your friends and family go all-out when the holidays come around. It can be tough to find the time to shop for all of the gifts that you want to give to your favorite people, try as you might.

Thankfully,Nunbelievable is here to help you wrap up your holiday shopping successfully. Like the saint you are, you are probably hard at work on a million different things at the moment, and it may be tough to squeeze in the time to run errands and pick up presents. Ordering a meaningful gift that a friend or family member is sure to love online can be a huge help when time is of the essence. That’s why we think we have some nunbeatable holiday gift ideas that can save the day right at the last minute. It’s a Christmas miracle!

So, without further ado, here are four last-minute Christmas gifts that are second to nun. 

See what we did there? And no, the nun puns won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

1. Nunbelievable Mugs!

Who doesn’t love a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning? Great coffee (or tea, or water, or juice, or wine) deserves to be enjoyed inan excellent mug. That’s why we assembled a hilarious lineup of printed mugs to hold your morning’s sweet saving grace, caffeine. 

There’s the “Coffee, You’ve Answered My Prayers” mug, printed with a rejoicing rendition of Nunbelievable’s signature mascot. This mug is absolutely adorable, and it makes a statement that we’ve all probably thought more than a few times on early mornings.

For the sassy coffee lover in your life, we’ve got the classic nun pun printed on a great-looking mug – “Nun ‘Ya Business!” This punny mug also features our nun mascot chilling out with a cookie in hand. This mug can answer any prying accusations about how many cups of coffee you’ve had today, or how many Nunbelievable cookies you ate last night.

These two awesome designs are just a few of the mugs that Nunbelievable has to offer. They make perfect gifts, and for each mug you purchase,we’re donating a meal to feed the hungry. Now, that’s a mug you can feel great about drinking out of! Praise be!

2. Nunbelievable Cookie Subscription

Nunbelievable’s cookie subscriptions make awesome gifts for friends, family members, coworkers, or anyone else with a beating heart who loves delicious treats. We’ve got three subscription options: Samaritan, Saint, and Angel. Each of these subscription packages gets you or a lucky gift recipient 12 cookies delivered by mail for three, six or twelve months. And of course, each of those cookies equals one meal donated to feed the hungry!

The Samaritan subscription plan is the perfect last-minute Christmas gift.It gives someone you love a taste of delicious cookies and the opportunity to take part in the fight against hunger. You can order cookie subscription boxes in any of our four flavors, or you can get an assortment box with three of each cookie! We’ve got chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, and gluten-free double chocolate, and they’re all second to nun!

The Saint subscription box is nun less than six months of cookies dropped like manna from heaven on the doorstep of a lucky recipient. Six months of cookies means 72 meals donated! That’s truly a saintly contribution to the fight to end hunger! 

Finally, the Angel subscription box gives a full year of cookies delivered 12 at a time. This is an incredibly generous gift, and its generosity is twofold. Not only are you giving a year’s worth of incredible cookies to a loved one, you are also donating144 meals to feed the hungry! Pause for a moment and think about that. 144 meals! That means you are making an incredible impact on your neighbors in need, 144 times over. What a gift!

3. “Cookie Gospel” Tumbler

Is it irreverent? A tiny bit. Is it awesome? Very. Will it keep your drinks warm with its vacuum-sealed top? Absolutely. Does it have a print of the coolest nun you’ve ever seen on it, surrounded by cookies? You bet it does.

The Nunbelievable Tumbler is the most righteous travel mug we’ve ever seen. Well-crafted and ready to carry your drink of choice on the road, it’s boldly printed with the message, “Spread the Cookie Gospel to End Hunger.” We’re well aware that the “cookie gospel” isn’t the only good news out there, but it’s some good, good news nonetheless, and it’s worth preaching from the rooftops!

The Cookie Gospel tumbler makes the perfect gift for anyone in your life who… drinks beverages. But seriously, this tumbler is perfect for everybody. Something that is great at keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot is a blessing for anyone, and it lets you dip yummy Nunbelievable cookies in steaming hot coffee long after you’ve left home with your morning cup of joe. Lunch break means cookie break, and no one can tell us any different.

4. Nunbelievable Cookie Assortment

We all have that one indecisive person in our lives -- bless their heart. Maybe it’s your spouse, or one of your best friends, or your mom or dad. The person in your life who simply could not choose what to order on a menu at a restaurant if their life depended on it. For those indecisive people in your life, we give you the Nunbelievable 4-cookie assortment – as a chorus of dessert lovers singing “hallelujah!” echoes through the heavens.

The Nunbelievable cookie assortment gives you 12 cookies total – three of each of Nunbelievable’s incredibly delicious flavors. These are chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, and gluten-free double chocolate. Each of these flavors gives cookie lovers something unique, and even the most skeptical and choosy will be satisfied. 

The classic chocolate chip cookies are a perfect take on a timeless favorite. With a perfect balance of sweet, soft and crispy, these cookies are full of delicious chocolate chips mixed seamlessly into the signaturedough. We bake all of our cookies with wholesome, recognizable ingredients with names that you can pronounce (if you can’t pronounce “eggs” and “salt,” we apologize). That’s what makes these chocolate chip cookies nun less than the best!

As for the oatmeal raisin cookies, these would make your great-grandma proud. Made to satisfy the sweet tooth of the purist who loves the classics and the dessert innovator on the hunt for something exciting and new, these oatmeal raisin cookies are good enough to be martyred for. Even if you don’t love raisins, they are still undeniably delicious when baked into a dough made of crispy, flaky oatmeal. Try one of these oatmeal raisin cookies, you dried grape skeptic, and you’re bound to see the light!

Nunbelievable’s peanut butter cookies are specially designed to take you to a magical place known as peanut paradise – alliteration, anyone? We love these cookies because of their nutty, sweet dough interlaced with peanut chips. Each bit is absolutely miraculous, and has enough nutty goodness to satisfy the cravings of even Mr. Peanut himself. Hang on, wouldn’t Mr. Peanut.. if he ate our... peanut butter cookies? Uh, nevermind.

Moving on, last but not least, the cookie assortment box also includes something for the gluten-free dessert lovers out there. Our double chocolate cookies are made with rice flour, making them perfect for anyone with a gluten intolerance. Don’t let the fact that these cookies are gluten-free convince you that they have inferior taste or texture – in reality, the opposite is true! These double chocolate cookies are rich, decadent and delicious, but made with great ingredients that won’t fill you with guilt after you’ve finished dessert!

With so many fantastic ways to make Nunbelievable a part of your holidays, you can’t go wrong.

We’re on a mission to end hunger one cookie at a time, and by giving the gift of our delicious treats, you’re actively partnering with us in the good fight! And that’s a fight worth fighting all year long, long after the holidays have passed. 

So, from everyone here at Nunbelievable, the happiest of holidays to you. May your winter be one filled with kindness, generosity, joy, and, of course, many delicious cookies!