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Best Place To Buy Classic Peanut Butter Cookies

Best Place To Buy Classic Peanut Butter Cookies

Looking for the best peanut butter cookies out there? Your pilgrimage ends here.

For dedicated fans of peanut butter cookies, mediocrity is not an option. The search for the best peanut butter cookie out there has become a pilgrimage on which many dessert lovers have faithfully embarked. 

Thankfully, that search comes to an end thanks to Nunbelievable’s righteously delicious classicpeanut butter cookies. These are a treat like nun other, bound to satisfy even the most skeptical of dessert fanatics. Once you taste one of these incredible cookies, you’ll see the light.

In this article, we’ll cover the Nunbelievable peanut butter cookie in detail, as well as what Nunbelievable is all about: feeding the hungry and spreading joy with delicious cookies.

Peanut Butter Cookies: A History 

To understand the simple, yummy goodness that is a Nunbelievable peanut butter cookie, one must first start their journey at the very beginning. As Julie Andrews once so wisely said, the very beginning is, “a very good place to start.” This means hopping in a time machine and heading all the way to the ancient civilization of theAztecs. 

In the 14th century, the Aztecs made a peanut paste by mashing up the nuts into a concoction that vaguely resembles the nutty treat that you know and love today. 

However, peanut butter didn’t become the staple that it is now until centuries later, when peanut crusader George Washington Carver popularized the nutty spread in the early 20th century. In addition to pushing the peanut farther into American culture, Carver published multiple recipes for apeanut butter cookie in the closet thing peanut lovers have to a Bible, a pamphlet called “How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing it For Human Consumption.”

After George Washington Carver introduced his many peanut-based recipes to the world, more and more companies began producing peanut butter cookies, with a newspaper in Schenectady, New York giving readers a recipe for what are now recognized as classic peanut butter cookies as early as 1932. 

At this point, peanut butter cookies were gaining major traction in the United States, and started to be made and enjoyed the way they are today.

What Makes Nunbelievable’s Peanut Butter Cookies So Tasty? 

The delicious recipe for a Nunbelievable peanut butter cookie is a simple combination of just a few wholesome, high-quality ingredients. With sweet peanut butter chips perfectly dispersed into delicious dough that will take you straight to peanut paradise, these cookies are a cut above the rest. 

All of the cookies that Nunbelievable offers are free from preservatives and artificial ingredients, and are entirely non-GMO.

In addition to being filled with high-quality ingredients, Nunbelievable’s peanut butter cookies are low in added sugar, meaning you can enjoy them guilt-free. A serving of a Nunbelievable peanut butter cookie has just six grams of added sugar, meaning the full cookie contains just 18 grams of added sugar (less than the amount of sugar in an apple!). 

That makes for a truly saintly cookie that doesn’t just need to be a cheat day treat. Instead, you can enjoy a piece of a Nunbelievable peanut butter cookie any day of the week to give your taste buds some much-needed food for the soul.

Did We Mention That They’re Big?

On top of being delicious, well-made, and low in added sugar, Nunbelievable’s peanut butter cookies are three ounces a piece. That’s a big cookie! You can easily split one of the peanut butter cookies into three even one-ounce pieces to share with friends or family members when everyone needs a sweet treat. 

Reviewer Helen M. sings the praises of these cookies and their size, writing: “Nunbelievable cookies are not only delicious, they are also extremely large. Eating one Nunbelievable cookie is like eating four regular ones. A wonderful treat!”

These big, yummy cookies are available in six-packs or twelve-packs, or as part of one of Nunbelievable’s cookie assortment boxes. The assortment is a perfect pick for indecisive dessert lovers, those of you who are always struggling with knowing which treat is down the straight and narrow path. 

Fortunately for you, with a cookie assortment, you can have peanut butter cookies, as well as chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and gluten-freedouble chocolate. Each of these cookies is well worth a try, and getting an assortment lets you try each one without picking up a full box of each. 

Eat a Peanut Butter Cookie, Feed the Hungry

Nunbelievable is on a mission to end hunger, and by enjoying peanut butter cookies for dessert, you can partner with us in the fight. In the United States and around the world, millions and millions of people are struggling with hunger. These people are our neighbors, and they need our help. 

For every cookie that you purchase, Nunbelievable donates a meal to fill an empty plate. This is what makes these cookies truly special. 

They may be delicious, but what matters most is that they help fill hungry bellies and care for those in need. Whether you are a fan of peanut butter cookies or not, you have to agree that that is a mission like nun other. 

In the United States, one in every six children live with uncertainty about their next meal. This is a painful struggle that no kid should ever have to endure. 

At Nunbelievable, we are on a mission to end hunger one cookie at a time, so that those going hungry around us can be fed

We can’t do it alone, though – we need your help! By choosing to have a Nunbelievable cookie for dessert, you are doing your part to be an ally to those struggling with hunger. This is a big, big deal.

More Glowing Reviews

If you don’t want to take our word for it when we say these cookies are amazing, take a look at these reviews left by faithful pilgrims on the path to cookie paradise.

Angela L. says: “The best peanut butter cookie I've ever had. Straight out of the bag is a yummy treat, warm it up for an amazing tasting cookie.” Angela L. makes a great point – these cookies taste incredible right out of the bag, but they’re pretty heavenly warmed up, too.

In one of the best cookie reviews of all time, Craig R. writes an ode to these delicious peanut butter treats. He says: “I would say that these cookies are to die for, but the Nuns probably don’t want anyone dying to get their cookies or eating the whole box at once. However, they are good enough to not share – but then the Nuns would want you to share. Enjoy these delicious delites/cookies. Warning, these babies are huge and oh so tasty.” 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Craig R., and you’re right in writing that the nunswould want you to share these heavenly peanut butter cookies!

Proving that cookie skeptics everywhere are being converted by these peanut butter treats, Candice K. writes: “Nice soft texture and flavor. Even my daughter who isn’t crazy about peanut butter cookies thought they were good.” It is truly a sweet sight to see when an unbeliever sees the light. Candice K., we rejoice with you that your daughter has found her way to the truth!

If you’re still unconvinced, all we can tell you is this: taste and see that these cookies are good. Try one for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

A Dessert Like Nun Other

Nunbelievable’s cookies aren’t just a guilt-free treat, they’re a guilt-free treat you can feel proud of. With a mission that everyone can get behind, excellent ingredients and world-class taste, these cookies are worthy of high praise.

If you are looking for a way to ally with those in need and a delicious treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, the answer to your prayers comes in the form of nun other than Nunbelievable’s peanut butter cookies. If you’re struggling to decide which cookie is right for you, the cookie assortment box is calling your name.

With a variety of delicious cookies with hearts of gold, Nunbelievable is well on our way to ending hunger, one cookie at a time. 

Whether you grab a box of peanut butter cookies or go forchocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate or a variety, you’re supporting Nunbelieveveable’s fight to end hunger with your dessert. 

As Craig R. wrote in his legendary review, “The nuns would want you to share.” 

The nuns do indeed want you to share these delicious cookies with your loved ones. In addition, we at Nunbelievable hope that you will be our ally in sharing joy and kindness with those who need it the most.


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