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How To Keep Cookies Soft: 5 Tips and Tricks

How To Keep Cookies Soft: 5 Tips and Tricks

AtNunbelievable, we strive to make the best cookies possible. We pride ourselves on using the finest ingredients and making each batch of our delicious cookies with love and care. If you are a baker yourself, we’re sure your goal each time you get in the kitchen is the same! 

However, we know that there are plenty of pitfalls and frustrations that come with baking. Who hasn’t put a batch of cookies in the oven, only to pull them out and find that they are hard, burnt, or tasteless — or all three? It’s happened to every baker at some point. 

So, how can you stop your cookies from losing the soft, chewy texture you’re after – and how can you keep that texture after they’re out of the oven? Keep reading to find out.

What Makes A Cookie Soft? 

The texture of a batch of cookies can have a big impact on the overall eating experience. Flavor matters, of course, but the way a cookie feels in your mouth is just as important. You might make a cookie with the perfect balance of ingredients, but if its texture is off, it’ll be no good. So, it’s essential to make sure that you know the secrets of baking moist, chewy, delicious cookies – and that’s what we’re here to share with you today!

If you want your cookies to be soft, there’s one key factor you’ll always need to consider –moisture. If you make your cookies without moist ingredients like butter and eggs, they’re much more likely to get dry and hard once baked. Remember, as soon as your cookies come out of the oven, they’re exposed to temperature changes and other factors that can affect their texture. 

That means that you’ll need to take steps before, during, and after baking to keep your cookies soft. The way you bake – and store – your cookies can also have a big impact on the amount of moisture they retain. Moisture keeps cookies soft, chewy, and fresh-tasting.

1. Add A Bit Of Brown Sugar 

Brown sugar has a distinctly sweet and delicious taste. But it’s an excellent ingredient for more than just its flavor. Brown sugar can help your cookies retain moisture, which in turn will keep them soft and chewy for days after they come out of the oven.

When you bake a batch of cookies, you don’t need to swap out white sugar for brown sugar entirely. Instead, simply mix the two. You can still get the majority of your cookies’ sweetness from white sugar, but add a small amount of brown sugar to each batch. 

2. Don’t Go Egg-Free 

Whenever possible, it’s best to add eggs to your cookie dough for optimal softness and that chewy texture you’re after. The egg yolk, in particular, with its high-fat content, can play an important role in helping your cookies retain moisture over time. 

Not all cookies are traditionally made with egg as an ingredient, but you can tell the difference when this key component is left out. Shortbread, biscotti, ginger snaps, and other crispy, crunchy cookies are often made without eggs. These cookies can be delicious, but they’re not likely to ever come out of the oven soft – if they do, something might be wrong with your batch!

The bottom line: If you want to bake soft cookies, use moisture-retaining ingredients! The high-fat content of an egg yolk will improve your dough’s texture, and it can also help your ingredients stick together.

3. Add Some Butter, Too 

Another high-fat and highly important cookie ingredient is butter. Revered by millions of bakers and cooks across the world for its delicious, creamy flavor, butter is one of the most important ingredients to add to your dough if you want soft cookies. Like egg yolks, butter can help to keep your cookies moist and soft long after they finish baking.

Baking with butter can increase the caloric content of your cookies, but it can also lead to a major upgrade in the flavor department. While buttery cookies may be richer and are often higher in calories than their non-buttery counterparts, this creamy, high-fat ingredient can make a cookie taste incredible.

You don’t need to overdo the amount of butter that you add to your cookies to make them taste delicious. Many recipes may call for the use of both butter and shortening, a form of dairy that is solid at room temperature, similar to butter. However, butter and shortening serve slightly different purposes in baking. The use of butter and shortening together can improve the flavor and texture of your cookies and can help them to stay soft and moist once baked.

4. Don’t Over-Bake 

The amount of time that your cookies spend in the oven has a significant effect on their texture. So it’s an absolute must to avoid over-baking your cookies. Too much time in the oven can leave your cookies too crispy and dry, which can be disastrous if you’ve been aiming for that oh-so-desirable soft and chewy texture.

To keep your cookies soft and moist, slightly under-baking them is the way to go. If you are worried about maintaining texture, it’s important to note that your cookies will continue baking after you pull them out of the oven.

That means that your cookies can quickly over-bake if they cross a certain threshold before you pull them out to cool.

5. Seal Your Cookies Up When You Store Them 

Once your cookies have cooled, and you’ve started enjoying them, your work is far from done! Now, it’s time to determine how you will store your cookies to preserve their flavor and texture. Your method of storage can play a major role in keeping your cookies soft. For optimal texture, it’s best to store your cookies in a container that is airtight as possible. This will keep your cookies from getting stale, which can make them taste bland and eventually make them rock-hard instead of soft and chewy.

Investing in vacuum-sealable storage containers can be a great move if you bake cookies frequently. Also, use these containers to preserve the freshness of cake, coffee beans, and other air-sensitive items.

I Want Soft Cookies, But I’m Not A Baker. What Should I Do? 

We’re glad you asked!

If you’re not a big fan of baking but have a big craving for soft, chewy cookies, you’ve come to the right place. Nunbelievable’s cookies have heavenly taste and texture, and they’re incredibly soft and moist. Whether you’re a cookie purist or a dessert innovator, we’ve got a sweet treat that you’re bound to love.

Our cookie lineup includes the classic chocolate chip, the delectable oatmeal raisin, the sweet and chewypeanut butter, and the decadent gluten-free double chocolate cookie. In addition, we’ve recently added somescrumptious shortbread cookies to our roster – if you want something crispier to enjoy, these cookies are for you!

Nunbelievable’s cookies taste incredible, but they also have a mission – to end hunger, one cookie at a time. For every cookie you purchase from Nunbelievable, we’ll donate a meal to feed the hungry and needy around the United States. All you have to do is enjoy some sweet treats, and you can join Nunbelievable’sfight against hunger

There are over40 million men, women, and children in the United States who face hunger each day. This is a tragedy, and we won’t stand by and let it happen. Our company was originally inspired by a group of humble nuns who devoted their lives to loving and serving the needy. By baking delicious cookies and providing food for the needy, our goal is to follow in the footsteps of these world-changing nuns. 

If you want to get involved with Nunbelievable’s mission, all you need to do is enjoy some of our yummy cookies and share them with your loved ones. You’ll be spreading some much-needed joy, kindness, and generosity, all while providing meals to feed those in need.

You can join Nunbelievable in fighting hunger byvolunteering in your community! By spending time serving at a local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or other non-profit organization, you can make a major difference in the lives of needy people in your community. To learn more, visitFeeding America to find out how you can positively impact your community by volunteering.


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