For every box of cookies purchased, we donate meals to fight hunger.

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Introducing Our Delicious New Shortbread Cookies, Powered with the Superfood Baobab

Introducing Our Delicious New Shortbread Cookies, Powered with the Superfood Baobab


Nunbelievable is proud to introduce two new varieties of wholesome 100-calorie shortbread cookies, Baobab and Baobab Lemon Poppyseed. If you aren’t familiar with baobab, it’s an up-and-coming superfood that has phenomenal nutritional value and tastes great.

Native to sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar, the spectacularbaobab trees yield a fruit that is rich in fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and vitamin C.Scientific studies have confirmed baobab’s nutritional and antioxidant properties, which can help fight cell damage, bolster immunity, and lower the risk of disease.

Best of all, baobab tastes great, with a tangy, citrusy flavor.That’s one of the most amazing things about it,” saysGus Le Breton, an expert on African flora and co-founder of B’Ayoba in Harare, Zimbabwe, one of the leading producers of baobab powder (the most common form in commercial use). “You get all this nutrition wrapped up in something that actually tastes nice. … You can really taste the vitamin C in there.” Baobab brings the perfect zing to our two new shortbread cookies, both regular and lemon poppy seed varieties. 


For more information on baobab click here.


We are excited to help introduce baobab to the United States. As the fruit has begun to grow in popularity worldwide, it has helped boost the local economies in Africa where the trees grow and the fruit is harvested. And, of course, like all Nunbelievable cookies, for each one you buy, we make a donation to one of our impact partner food pantries and soup kitchens working on the front lines of the hunger crisis.

You can order our delicious new 100-calorie shortbread cookies  here.