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What Are the Most Delicious Gluten-Free Cookies?

What Are the Most Delicious Gluten-Free Cookies?

Looking for the perfect gluten-free treat?

If you have dietary preferences or restrictions that make gluten ano-ma’am for you, it can be a challenge to find good dessert. 

Anyone who eats a specific diet knows the feeling of sitting and watching your friends enjoy something that you can’t eat – it’s no fun. But what if there was a gluten-free treat that was so good that even the gluten-friendly folks would want in on it?

Gluten-free dessert doesn’t have to pale in comparison to standard treats made with wheat. There are multiple great alternatives to wheat-based flour, and at Nunbelievable, we’ve mastered the art of using wheat-free flour to craft incredible cookies that are worthy of high praise. If you’ve been looking for a delicious treat that falls in line with a gluten-free diet, you’ve reached the end of your pilgrimage.

This post is all about ourgluten-free cookies – what makes them special, why they’re worth trying (whether you’re gluten-free or not), and the good that they do for the world.

Ok, but what is gluten?

Before we go any further, let’s define our terms –what is gluten?

Gluten is the key protein found in the grains wheat, barley, and rye. These grains, especially wheat, are commonly eaten in the form of bread, pasta, and other flour-based foods. 

Wheat flour is also often used to bake desserts like cookies, muffins, cakes and pies. In other words, gluten is everywhere! 

As common as gluten is, the protein is not for everyone. Gluten isn’t digested well by  some people, and some even have autoimmune diseases that can make it harmful for them to eat glutinous grains. Not all grains are glutinous, though. Rice, oats, quinoa and others can be safely eaten by anyone with a gluten intolerance, as long as these grains are certified gluten-free. 

Why Gluten-Free?

Going gluten-free is a choice for many people, but for others, it’s a requirement for their health. 

Gluten intolerances and allergies are extremely common, and someone dealing with one of these conditions needs to stay away from gluten to avoid unwanted and potentially harmful issues. For anyone with a gluten intolerance or allergy, finding desserts to enjoy that are safe to eat can be a real struggle – but it shouldn’t have to be.

In addition to the many people who avoid gluten out of necessity, more and more others are going gluten-free by choice. Some avoid gluten for health reasons, while others just want to try something new. 

Going gluten-free became increasingly popular throughout the 2010s, and the food industry responded accordingly, with many companies starting to produce gluten-free snacks and desserts to meet the growing demand.

People stick to gluten-free diets for multiple reasons – some out of necessity, some based on preference. Others just enjoy including a gluten-free treat in their diet from time to time. Whichever category you fall into,Nunbelievable’s gluten-free cookies are perfect for you!

How are gluten-free cookies made?

To bake a cookie, you’ll need flour of some kind. Flour is made by grinding something into a fine powder, which can then be mixed with other ingredients to make dough. This dough can then be combined with additional ingredients to make it sweet, baked in the oven, and thenvoila– you’ve got a cookie!

While most cookies throughout culinary history have been baked using wheat-based flour as the base for their dough, we’ve come a long way since the dawn of cookiedom. 

Modern cookie-baking has brought some incredible innovations with it, including the popularization of many types ofgluten-free flour. Nowadays, it’s common to find cookies baked with oats, rice flour, coconut flour, or almond flour, all of which are gluten-free!

With a great gluten-free flour (we use one made of rice for our cookies), you’ve got the base for a delicious cookie! A few more ingredients get thrown in the mix – eggs, sugar, butter, somechocolate chips – and you’re in business. Gluten-free cookies aren’t all that different from their glutinous counterparts, after all. They’re just made with a non-wheat flour so that they’ll be safe to eat for anyone with a gluten allergy or intolerance.

But do gluten-free cookies taste as good as regular ones?

When it comes to gluten-free cookies, there’s one question that’s probably on your mind more than any other – do they taste as good as regular cookies?

The stigma about gluten-free desserts is that they’re just like regular desserts – just not as good. But at Nunbelievable, we’re here to shatter that myth. Our gluten-free cookies taste absolutely heavenly – and they’re good enough to compete with any wheat-based cookies out there. 

The key to a great gluten-free cookie is using excellent ingredients in just the right amounts. With a good recipe, you can get a spectacular gluten-free treat that will convince even the most skeptical of cookie-lovers. 

Just because a cookie is gluten-free doesn't mean it has to be inferior to wheat-based cookies. All it takes to make a great cookie is an excellent recipe and the best possible ingredients – gluten or no gluten, that’s the simple secret to success.

What’s in Nunbelievable’s gluten-free double chocolate cookies?

Our gluten-free double chocolate cookies are made with just a few simple, wholesome ingredients that you can feel great about eating. 

Whether you follow a gluten-free diet or not, you’re definitely going to want to give these cookies a try.

  • Our gluten-free flour is made from a mix of rice and tapioca. Rice-based flour bakes well and has a pleasant, mild flavor. These qualities made it the perfect base for our gluten-free cookies.
  • Eggs help our dough to mix welland give it a good consistency.
  • Some delicious, simple chocolate chipsare thrown in the mix to give each cookie the perfect texture and add sweetness.
  • We make our cookies with no preservatives and no artificial ingredients. That way, what you see is what you get, and what you get tastes amazing!

One cookie can make a world of difference.

Although Nunbelievable’s gluten-free double chocolate chip cookies taste amazing, their heavenly flavor is only our second favorite thing about them. These cookies are truly special because they make the world a better place. 

How can a cookie make the world better, you might ask?By fighting hunger!

Every cookie bought from Nunbelievable equates to one meal donated to a person in need in the United States. 

With over 40 million men, women andchildren going hungry in the US every day (not to mention millions more around the globe), this is abig deal. By teaming up with us and choosing to have Nunbelievable cookies for dessert, you’re making a direct contribution to ending hunger! 

We’re all about nun puns and goofy riffs on our name – but we get serious when it comes to fighting hunger. 

At Nunbelievable, our mission is to bring the staggering number of Americans going hungry each day down tonone

We see cookies as the perfect vehicle for change in the world. A cookie is simple, sweet and practical – ideal for spreading joy. 

If you’re looking for a practical way toshare some love and kindness with your neighbors in need, making Nunbelievable cookies your dessert of choice is a great way to go. 

You can even sign up for a monthly cookie subscription box that gets heavenly baked goods shipped to your door every 30 days. If you love our gluten-free double chocolate cookies, you can get a monthly delivery of just those – or you can try a variety box!

Join us in fighting to end hunger one cookie at a time.

At Nunbelievable, we believe something as simple as a cookie can have a huge positive impact. That’s why we want you to team up with us to fight to end hunger one cookie at a time! 

The best way to support our efforts is simple – enjoying our cookies! By signing up for a monthly subscription box or picking up a package of your favorite type of cookie, you’re donating meals to feed the hungry. Who knew dessert could be so good for the world?

In addition to our incredible gluten-free cookies, there’s plenty more to choose from. 

We’ve also got peanut butter, chocolate chip, andoatmeal raisin – enough variety to satisfy even the most persistent sweet tooth. If you like to switch things up every now and then, you can subscribe to get a variety pack! That’ll get you a few of each of our delicious cookies every month.

So, make dessert better by enjoying some Nunbelievable cookies. They’re good for your soul, for your tummy, and for the whole world!