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Classic Fall Ingredients That Are Keto Friendly!

Classic Fall Ingredients That Are Keto Friendly!


Now that we have officially entered October, it's getting into the fall spirit by breaking out those classic fall ingredients! If you adhere to the keto diet, chances are you feel like you are missing out on some of these classic ingredients, because they aren't keto friendly. 

Well, here's the good news - there are still plenty of classic fall flavors and ingredients that you can still eat!  

What is perhaps one of the most popular fall ingredients just so happens to be keto friendly, and that's pumpkin! (That includes the pumpkin seeds!) In comparison to popular fall fruits such as apples, pumpkin is lower in carbohydrates by more than half in a single serving. In addition, it is also higher in nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron, and magnesium. If you're a pumpkin pie lover, no need to worry, you can still make a keto friendly version of this classic dessert without having to sacrifice the most important ingredient  - the pumpkin!



How about those traditional fall desserts that typically don't fall in line with what would be considered keto friendly? Some examples include snickerdoodle cookies and pecan sandies. Knowing that it can be difficult to make "ketofied" versions of these desserts, sometimes it is just easier to buy store bought keto desserts. If you are craving snickerdoodle and pecan sandy cookies, Nunbelievable offers both of these cookies in keto friendly varieties! OurPecan Sandy andSnickerdoodle cookies are not just keto friendly and low carb, but gluten free and sugar free! Both cookies contain traditional fall ingredients such as pecans and cinnamon. Other ingredients include almond flour, erythritol, butter, and eggs. While our keto cookies are delicious enough to be eaten on their own, they can also be used as a keto-friendly addition to your base for pie crusts! 



If you are looking to incorporate fall flavors such as cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, cumin, pumpkin spice, and ginger into your meals, you can do that too! However, it is important to make sure that the seasonings used do not have any added sugars. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing ingredients for your fall themed diet this season: 

  • Be sure to double check the ingredient list
  • Avoid foods with high amounts of saturated fat and trans fat 
  • When stocking up on produce, avoid more high carb fruits and starchy vegetables 
  • Keep an eye out for hidden and added sugars 

With these tips, being able to adhere to the keto diet while not missing out on classic fall ingredients is not as difficult as it may have seemed before. 


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