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5 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas To Make Their Day Extra Special

5 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas To Make Their Day Extra Special

A Birthday That Is Second To Nun

When a person you love has a birthday, there’s no doubt that you want to give them a perfect gift. Making your favorite people happy on their birthdays is just as much of a joy for you as it is for them – generosity is one of those things that comes back around to those who give it. 

When you go out of your way to share love, kindness, and joy with the people you care about – especially when it’s someone’s birthday – you get what you give! 

So, what makes a birthday gift special? At Nunbelievable, we believe the best gifts are the meaningful ones. 

When you give a gift to someone that is personal, it’s bound to be a present that they remember for years to come. We put together a list of unique birthday gift ideas that will make anyone’s day extra special, and any of these gifts is a perfect one to go with for someone you love. Make this a birthday to remember for a special person in your life.

1. A Box of Delicious Cookies!

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite as special as a sweet, simple gift. That’s why Nunbelievable cookies make the perfect birthday present!

At Nunbelievable,we’re on a mission to spread kindness, love, and joy with the world by fighting hunger one cookie at a time. You can make anyone’s birthday special by getting them involved with the Nunbelievable mission and sharing delicious cookies with them. 

For each cookie you give as a gift, we donate one meal to feed the hungry. With millions of men, women, and children suffering from hunger every day in the U.S., every cookie you get from Nunbelievable makes a much-needed impact.

By giving the gift of Nunbelievable cookies, you’re giving a person that you love a truly meaningful present that reaches far beyond them. Something as simple as sharing delicious cookies with a person you love on their birthday can have a huge impact on those in need. 

We specialize in four incredible, timeless cookie flavors – chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and gluten-free double chocolate. With multiple delicious options to choose from, there’s something for everyone in your life on their birthday, and they come conveniently packaged inNunbelievable’s variety pack

If you’re not sure what the perfect cookie is to get one of your friends or family members on their special day, you can be a bit sneaky and try and find out what their favorite type of cookie is without spoiling the surprise. Good luck!

2. Cookies Every Month!

What’s better than a gift that keeps on giving? When you give the gift of a monthly subscription to Nunbelievable cookies, you’re setting a special person in your life up to have a steady stream of delicious treats delivered straight to their door. Plus, every cookie that comes in a monthly subscription box directly corresponds to a meal donated to feed someone in need.

When you give the gift of a monthly subscription from Nunbelievable, you can choose how many months you want to give, as well as what type of cookie you want in your box. 

If you’re giving a gift to an indecisive friend or family member, have no fear – you can get an assorted box of cookies delivered to their door each month! That way, they’ll have multiple delicious options to choose from.

You can choose between giving the Samaritan subscription (3 months of 12 cookies per month), the Saint subscription (6 months of 12 cookies per month), or the Angel subscription (a full year of 12 cookies per month). 

No matter which gift you choose to give, you’re making a big difference in thefight to end hunger, and giving a sweet present that is bound to be a joy to whoever receives it!

3. 30 Days of Kindness

One of the best gifts you can possibly give to someone you love is a full month of intentional,random acts of kindness towards them. We love this gift idea because it is practical, affordable (it doesn’t have to cost any money at all), and can have a huge impact on a special person in your life. 

There’s no better way to let someone know that you care about them than by challenging yourself to do something meaningful and kind for them every day!

Our favorite way to go about giving this gift is by taking the30-Day Kindness Challenge

This challenge involves choosing a person and intentionally sharing love and kindness with them for a month based on some simple guidelines. During your time taking the challenge, you’ll select a person, then say nothing negative about them for a month – positivity only! Then, for the entire month, you’ll do at least one act of kindness per day towards that person. It’s as simple as that!

When you take on the30-Day Kindness Challenge as a birthday present for someone you love, you’re certainly giving a unique gift to them! 

You don’t have to tell the person you choose that you’re intentionally taking on the 30-Day Kindness Challenge with them as your person of choice – sometimes, it’s best left a secret. However, keeping your intentions a secret doesn’t make your acts of kindness any less meaningful. In fact, it might make them even more impactful and meaningful!

4. Bake Them Some Nunbelievable Treats Of Your Own!

Nunbelievable cookies taste amazing on their own, but they can also make the perfect base for some other incredible desserts!

If you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift to give to a special person in your life but want to add a homemade touch to your present, Nunbelievable has you covered. Using Nunbelievable cookies as your main ingredient, you can whip up a spectacular homemade dessert that tastes absolutely heavenly. Head over toNunbelievable’s YouTube channel and you’ll find some quick, simple, and creative recipes to follow to make a variety of unique and delicious treats.

Using Nunbelievable cookies and a few other tasty ingredients, here are some of the heavenly desserts you can make:

  • Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches. With a few scoops of your favorite ice cream and a pair of Nunbelievable’s delicious chocolate chip cookies, you’ve got a scrumptious birthday treat that anyone will love! 

  • Chocolate peanut butter pie. Made with Nunbelievable’s sweet, nutty, and chewy peanut butter cookies, this pie is a gift straight from heaven.

  • Nunbelievable whoopie pies. Made by combining Nunbelievable cookies with a sweet, decadent sauce and a few other tasty ingredients, our whoopie pie recipe is one-of-a-kind and absolutely delicious. 

  • Cookie shakes. By combining ice cream and Nunbelievable cookies in a blender, you get a sweet, creamy shake that is second to Nun! Here’s an inspiring recipe for aNunbelievable eggnog shake!

5. Make a Meaningful, Handwritten Card

Another perfect, unique gift idea for when money is tighter is a personal, meaningful birthday card. This type of gift often is just as impactful, or even more, than a big present with a big price tag on it. 

You don’t have to break your bank to share love, joy, and kindness with someone near and dear to your heart on their birthday! In fact, sometimes the presents that cost little to nothing are the ones that are the most unforgettable.

When you are writing a card for someone to give them on their birthday, it’s the perfect opportunity to tell the person the things that you love the most about them. 

Even if you’re not someone who often gets mushy and shares words of affirmation and affection with the people close to you, a heartfelt birthday card is the perfect way to say how you really feel! 

It’s also always a great idea to attach a handwritten, personal note – even a short, sweet one – to any gift you give! Whether you’re giving someone a box of delicious cookies from Nunbelievable or something else, you can make your gift even more meaningful by adding some heartfelt, kind words.

Your personalized birthday card for someone you love can be short and sweet or long and wordy – there’s no wrong way to do it! What matters is that you use your kind words to encourage someone that you love on their birthday. Even a few simple sentences filled with kind, affirming words can make someone’s birthday unforgettable.

No Matter Who They’re For, Birthday Gifts Can Make A Big Difference.

Sometimes, we have no idea how much of an impact our kindness and generosity has on others. 

With the gift of Nunbelievable cookies, your generosity extends far beyond the people that you share dessert with. Giving the gift of Nunbelievable cookies to someone special in your life means that you are also giving an incredibly important and impactful gift to hungry people in the United States!

Over 40 million men, women, and children suffer from hunger in the United States on a daily basis. Those men, women, and children are just like you – people with hopes, dreams, and birthdays – who need all the love, care, and support they can get. 

Our mission at Nunbelievable is to never stop fighting toend hunger and the pain it causes. Something as simple as giving delicious cookies as a birthday present – which is a bit of a no-brainer if you ask us – can truly change lives.