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8 Creative Thanksgiving Leftovers Ideas

8 Creative Thanksgiving Leftovers Ideas

It’s 5pm on Thanksgiving. After starving yourself all morning so you could stuff yourself at the dinner table, the thought of food is now unbearable. You’re lying slanted on the couch, barely able to keep your eyes open. But even after all that binging, the fridge is still brimming with leftovers -- alotof leftovers. If you are wondering how you can make sure all this leftover food doesn’t go to waste, Nunbelievable is here to the rescue!


Thanksgiving leftover tacos with cranberry sauce

  • Shred some leftover turkey breast, dollop cranberry sauce on top, throw in roasted sweet potato, and cuddle it all up in a corn tortilla. It may not be traditional, but itis delicious.

    Turkey salad

    • Think chicken salad for the holidays. Mix leftover shredded turkey and cranberries, plus walnuts, mayo, salt, and pepper. If you’re feeling adventurous, drizzle your leftover gravy over the whole thing and turn it into a fork and knife sandwich.

      Potato pancakes

      • Got loads of leftover mashed potatoes? After your Black Friday escapades, take those out of your fridge and plop down spoonfuls in a pan coated in oil. Place the pan over medium heat and let the pancakes get sizzly. Remove the pan from the heat, throw on some sour cream and chives and you have yourself a scrumptious breakfast.

        Green bean casserole pizza

        • This most definitely falls into the “ugly delicious” category. Pick up some pre-made pizza dough, roll it out, and top it with the leftover casserole. Sprinkle some fresh fried onions and you’ve got dinner.

          Turkey soup

          • Turkey, potatoes and veggies are the making of a great soup. Drown it all in some stock and you’ve got a delicious and super easy soup.

            Freeze leftover gravy

            • Gravy is liquid gold, especially if it’s made from the turkey drippings. Before dumping it, consider freezing it into ice cube trays and save it for a flavor boost in your next dish.

              Turkey broth

              • Don’t throw out the turkey bones, those are broth gold! As your cleaning up after your Thanksgiving feast, put the carcass in a deep spot and cover it with water. If you have any veggies scraps, throw those in too. Simmer over low heat for two to four hours, then strain the mixture and you have stock! Perfect for soups or stews. Throw it into the freezer to last the longest.

                Spread the wealth

                • Send family and friends home with a tupperware container (or two) of leftovers so you don’t find yourself eating nothing but turkey and sweet potatoes for the next week. And while soup kitchens won’t accept leftovers, you candefinitely donate any unopened boxes or cans of cranberry sauce, stuffing, macaroni, vegetables, etc.

                  Of course, hand-crafted Nunbelievable cookies would be a delicious dessert for any of these meals. And you’ll be doing good with your purchase. For every 12-count box you buy, we’ll donate 2 meals to a soup kitchen to help feed those in need. Order themhere.

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