For every box of cookies purchased, we donate meals to fight hunger.

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3 Nunbelievable Ways You Can Learn How To Fight Hunger

3 Nunbelievable Ways You Can Learn How To Fight Hunger

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA),37 million Americans are struggling with food insecurity—a lack of access, at least occasionally, to enough food for an active, healthy life. That’s equivalent to the entire population of Canada! Meanwhile, almost one half of America’s food is going to waste, according to the USDA. This is not OK.

That’s where Nunbelievable comes in.

Cookies with a mission? Sweet!

Inspired by an order of nuns who have soup kitchens in New York, San Francisco, Detroit, and Chicago, Nunbelievable is on a mission to end hunger in America. Our goal is to donate 1 million meals by 2022.For every box (12-pack) of cookies purchased, Nunbelievable helps feed two people at a soup kitchen.

Do good. Eat good.

So how can you help? Here are 3 ways to fight hunger and decrease food insecurity in your community:

  1. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen or food pantry. This one costs nothing but your time, and volunteering once a month or even once a year can make a difference. Don’t know where your local food bank is? Feeding America has you covered with a searchable database.
  2. Organize a food drive in your neighborhood or school. Put out the word and start collecting items to donate to a local food bank or food pantry. Canned goods, like fruit, vegetables, and peanut butter, and packaged foods, like cereals and pasta, are perfect items to contribute. You can help motivate others by turning it into a friendly competition, with the person or group that donates the most winning a fun prize. Move for Hunger has some great tips for planning your drive.
  3. Advocate for local legislation to help the hungry. Contact your elected officials and local representatives. If you have an idea on how to combat hunger in your community, let them know. Attend town halls or make an appointment with your local legislators to discuss the issue. Your voice really can make a difference. You can find the contact information for elected officials at all levels via

And of course, buy delicious Nunbelievable cookies! Our “One Box = Two Meals” campaign feeds two people for every box of Nunbelievable cookies you purchase. Order yourshere.

Join our mission. Let’s make life sweeter by ending the scourge of hunger today! 

Nunbelievable Inc.

Nunbelievable Inc.